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Use the Doubling Cube to Intimidate

Many years ago, I was taught to play backgammon by an aunt who didn’t understand the game. She brushed the doubling cube aside with the comment, “That’s just for gambling. It doesn’t really matter.” She was absolutely wrong. The doubling … Continue reading

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Has My Husband Sexually Assaulted Me?

Some time ago, my husband turned to me and asked, “Have I ever sexually assaulted you?” A number of my own questions immediately popped into my mind. “Are you an idiot?” “Why the hell would you ask me such a … Continue reading

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Cheating on Microsoft Internet Backgammon

Googling “microsoft internet backgammon cheating”, I’ve found a lot of discussion about cheating on Microsoft Internet Backgammon. Silly, ill-informed, immature discussion. Are there ways to cheat? Maybe, but probably not the way it’s discussed on the web forums. Most of … Continue reading

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