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Mothers Who Really Work

The claim is often made, by both liberals and conservatives, that stay-at-home mothers work just as hard as women who work outside the home. Bullshit. The numbers don’t add up. I worked full time for thirty years. During that time, … Continue reading

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The Balance of Power in Romantic Relationships

Two caveats before beginning: First, I’m only going to speak to male-female romantic relationships from courtship through to old age. The power dynamics of single-gender relationships are undoubtedly different and I have no understanding of them. Second, though I’m speaking in a … Continue reading

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The World’s Worst Boss is You

What does a horrible boss do? He belittles his employees. Never has a good word to say about them or their work. He calls them lazy, incompetent, and stupid. And not just to their face, but in public. He shouts … Continue reading

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