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I'm a post-modern woman who lives a vanilla life and dreams about kinky adventure. I write BDSM pornography but have no interest in acting out my fantasies in real life. Find my work on and

You Don’t Want to Fire Civil Servants

Do you know what civil servants do when they get laid off? They go into industry and take your next promotion, your children’s job, or even your job away from you. You don’t think so? That’s because you believe the … Continue reading

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Just the Facts, Ma’am

A few years ago, I found myself walking through my parents’ house, my father chasing after me, screaming “facts” at the top of his voice. His “facts” were a bunch of Fox News sound bites. “Obama is a socialist! That’s a fact!” … Continue reading

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Darwinism and the One Percent

I’ve heard wealthy people say that they are only adhering to Darwin’s law. We know what they really mean: that life is a competition, so they can’t be blamed for winning. It’s basic biology. Science tells us that evolution favors the smartest … Continue reading

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Too Controversial for CBC

A few months ago, I began amusing myself by posting comments on stories on the CBC News web site ( These comments are moderated. I was shocked the first time one of my comments was rejected by the moderators. It … Continue reading

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What Right to Bear Arms?

I’m no lawyer, but I know how to read what is written in black and white when it’s staring me right in the face. The Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – does not say that every yahoo … Continue reading

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Private Industry Doesn’t Do Research

“Industrial research” is an oxymoron. Private industry doesn’t do research. They say that they do. The government says that they do. But the truth is that they don’t; and for a good reason. Research – real research – doesn’t turn … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Labor Unions

I never liked  labor unions. I came by this position honestly. My father was an entrepreneur and owner of a succession of small businesses. My great uncle Pete was a union organizer. My parents believed that he was a communist. They liked Uncle … Continue reading

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