I write bondage/dominance-submission/sado-masochistic pornography. Or role-play erotica if you prefer more moderate speech. I try to make my stories thoughtful and innovative. Sometimes I succeed better than at other times. If you have not read my work, I make anthologies of my stories available on smashwords.com and amazon.com. Just search for “Ashley Zacharias”.

My stories are not for everyone. I strongly recommend that you read free samples before purchasing the anthologies to ensure that you like my style and content.

You can read my commentaries about my own stories at ashleyzachariascommentary.wordpress.com

Also, I have made a couple of non-erotic stories – ones that you could show to your grandmother – available at ashleyzstories.wordpress.com


6 Responses to About

  1. hermansteytlererman Steytler says:

    Have you ever heard the joke about the man under the Oak tree? “God must be stupid to make water melons with such thin stems and thick trees like this oak for such small seeds” he thought! At that exact moment, an oak seed fell on his head. “Thank god that was only an oak seed” he exclaimed.

    You seem to have god all thought out Ashley. Congratulations!

    • Sorry, but I don’t get the point of your parable, except maybe that the man should be happy that he wasn’t sitting under a coconut palm. Then he wouldn’t have been thanking anyone. But maybe the point that I should take from your story is that ordinary, easily explainable events can always be interpreted as a sign from heaven by someone who is sufficiently determined to do so. Or should I look deeper into your parable and surmise that you are supporting my premise – that if there were a God, the real world, as represented by an ordinary acorn, would say something more important about Him than the Bible?

  2. Pseudonym says:

    Dear Ms. “Zacharias,”

    Thanks for your many excellent stories; I’d like to commend one for your reading: “Break Her” by “B. G. Harlen” from Amazon. [By the way, The Honest Masochist was a hoot!]

  3. Susan says:

    Regarding your Slaves to the Aristocracy, are there only five books? Are you writing any more? Thanks!

    • There are only five books in the “Slaves of the Aristocracy” series. Now I’m working on a new series: “Ditchmud Sex Club”. The first book, “The Founders”, should be out by the end of January. I hope you like it as well as the “Slaves of the Aristocracy”.

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