“Air Duct Cleaning” – Surprise, the Scam’s Not on You!

A great many people in Canada are being harassed by telemarketers representing an air duct cleaning service. We’ve been getting multiple calls every week over the course of months. Being on Canada’s Do-Not-Call List has no effect. Reporting them to the CRTC has no effect. Yelling at them has no effect. These calls are so persistent that they should be considered criminal harassment.

The air-duct-cleaning calls are so bad that I have equipped the family with individual smart phones and am in the process of giving up my home phone completely, just to stop the harassment.

Today, though, I was fatigued after writing three thousand words on my November novel, when I got yet another call. I had long considered playing a vicious little game on them – playing along with them and seeing how long I could keep them on the phone. Going as far as possible without giving them a valid credit card number. When it got to that point, I would go away to “get my credit card” and leave the phone off the hook.

The logic was simple. The man on the other end was paid a certain amount for each call. Probably a small amount for a hang-up, a larger amount if he gave his whole pitch, and a commission if he made a sale. By keeping him on the line for a long time and not letting him complete the sale, I would deprive him of considerable income. Even dangling him along for ten minutes would deprive him of the income from a hundred or more hang-up calls to other households.

Today, having time on my hands, I did play that game. Using my best strategy, how long did I dangle him on the hook? Want to guess? Five minutes? Ten minutes? Half an hour? An hour? Go ahead, make a guess. Got a number? You’re almost certainly wrong.

Let me tell you exactly what happened.

He called and, twice, I had to ask “Hello” and wait before a man – a young man in India, judging from his pitch and thick accent – replied and identified himself as representing air duct cleaning. Great. I’d hooked the right fish.

Why did I have to do that much work to get to actually talk to him? Because he uses an autodialer that calls ahead and he had to catch up to it. He wouldn’t care if I hung up before he got to me because he’d still be paid for a hang-up and that would take none of his time at all.

Once we were actually speaking, he started his pitch. After only a couple of sentences, he stopped and said, “Are you there?”

I assured him that I was listening.

He got flustered. He started speaking in halting sentences.

I gave him a reassuring “Okay” to encourage him to keep going.

He got more flustered.

I realized that he didn’t have an actual pitch. He didn’t know what to say.

He said, “Just a minute,”  tried to say something else, then said, “Just a minute,” again.

Then he hung up on me. I was ready to listen to his whole pitch and then some. I wanted to ask him questions about the service. What about natural gas furnaces? What about air conditioning? And so forth. But he hung up.

He had no pitch.

He was only prepared to handle hang-up calls.

How long did I keep him on the phone? Sixty seconds. Exactly one minute. I bet you didn’t guess a number that low by at least an order of magnitude.

No victory at all for me, but incredibly informative.

What amazing conclusion did I draw from this experiment?

I concluded that the air-duct-cleaning telemarketers are not scamming customers. They have probably never had an actual, paying customer. Never.

They are scamming the air-duct-cleaning company that is paying them to do their telemarketing. The telemarketing company is getting paid for massive numbers of hang-up calls and has no intention of actually selling the product. They don’t know how to sell the product. They probably don’t even know what the product is. The young lad who’s getting paid a pittance to harass Canadians may have never even lived in a building with air ducts.

This is why they harass the same people mercilessly, week after week, month after month. If someone quickly and reliably slams the phone on the hook, they note the number and program the autodialler to keep calling that number back. Why? Because that person generates the maximum revenue for them. They’re going to milk the air-duct-cleaning company dry for all those hang-ups.

It’s not much comfort to know that the company that is paying these jerks to harass us is being ripped off, but at least it’s something.

And if they call me again? I’m definitely going to try for a new personal best. Maybe I’ll be able to keep him on the phone for two minutes next time. But more likely, he’s already programmed his autodialler to never call me again because I didn’t hang up nearly fast enough.

Sadly, I’ll never know because I’m already committed to get rid of that phone number at the end of the next billing cycle.

But if you play the game, please comment on this post with your personal best. I bet you can’t keep the air-duct-cleaning representative on the phone for much longer than I did.

Yours, Ashley


About Ashley Zacharias

I'm a post-modern woman who lives a vanilla life and dreams about kinky adventure. I write BDSM pornography but have no interest in acting out my fantasies in real life. Find my work on SmashWords.com and Amazon.com
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162 Responses to “Air Duct Cleaning” – Surprise, the Scam’s Not on You!

  1. Telemarketer Nightmare says:

    This is too funny. I shared your logic: I decided to keep them on the phone for as long as possible. Since 2001, after being harrassed with a newborn by telemarketers at all times of the day and night I had to turn my debilitating anger into something I could cope with. So I started answering enthusiastically and feign actual excitement at the call, and advise that I really wanted to grab a pen- could they hold on for a sec? On my way to get a pen I would be distracted by whatever I was doing before receiving the call and get back to it. I would even pop back in occasionally to check they were still waiting. I’d tell them I was ready then *curses, this one doesn’t work. Just a sec… Playing with telemarketers became the highlight of my day. I couldn’t wait to get one to see how many times they would wait while I grabbed more pens :).

    • Not Me says:

      Yesterday they called gain. This time I told him “I am glad you called. I am looking for that service. What type of shampoo do you use?” He answered that they do not use shampoos. I told him, but our DUCKS are very special and they use very special shampoo and I am really very glad he called as I need my DUCKS to have showers and use a very good shampoo. He tried to explain that they service DUCTS and I repeatedly tell him that we have DUCKS!
      Maybe it is worth it to try this trick too!!
      Always they have very thick Indian accent!! Probably calling from a call centre in India!!

      • HA HA “Not Me”!!! I do a similar thing in which I too use “Ducks” as the thing being cleaned.
        I once kept a fellow on for about 5 minutes having him explain how he cleans the “Ducks”. He says they hook a vacuum up that exerts (I don’t have the number but lets just say…) 10,000 pounds per inch of suction.
        “and that gets rid of mites, dust and things like that?” I say.
        “Yes ma’am” he replies in an Indian accent.
        “But doesn’t that hurt?” I say in a surprised and disgusted voice.
        “No ma’am it cleans very well!” he cheerfully replies.
        Me: “Oh, I see. So how many ducks can you clean?”
        Telemarketer: “We clean all the ducts in your house.”
        Me: “But really, is that SAFE?”
        Telemarketer” “Yes ma’am. It is perfectly safe.”
        then finally I say, “well what if I don’t have any ducks?”
        Telemarketer: “You don’t have any ducts?”
        Me: “No. but what about elephants? I’ve got a really bad elephant problem in our backyard! They stink up the whole neighbourhood! Do you clean them?”
        Telemarketer: (insert a whole bunch of expletives here)

        LOL!!! It’s too much fun!!

  2. Since writing this, I have found other “Air Duct Cleaning” harassers who were more than capable of giving their pitch and then passing me over to their “supervisor” to book an appointment. Funny how hard it was for me to find a convenient date for them to come. Eventually, I suggested that this was a bad year and they should call back in 2015. I like your clever, “I need a pen” scam. Next time, I’ll have to try it because that is a far more efficient use of my time. I can do chores during while “searching” for a pen.

    • Sue Clearwater says:

      when they call, i ask siri what’s zero divided by zero, and then put it up to the phone. they hang up….

      • Not Me says:

        Yesterday they called gain. This time I told him “I am glad you called. I am looking for that service. What type of shampoo do you use?” He answered that they do not use shampoos. I told him, but our DUCKS are very special and they use very special shampoo and I am really very glad he called as I need my DUCKS to have showers and use a very good shampoo. He tried to explain that they service DUCTS and I repeatedly tell him that we have DUCKS!
        Maybe it is worth it to try this trick too!!
        Always they have very thick Indian accent!! Probably calling from a call centre in India!!

    • Kristi says:

      I usually tell them to hold on a sec while I grab a pen and then put the phone down by my computer speakers and play some soothing music. I occasionally pop back on and ask if they’re still there and if they are I add “I promise, just one more minute – I can’t find any pens!”. Continue until they eventually get tired of elevator music and hang up.

  3. Luigi says:

    Hey Ashley

    I had a pretty long conversation with this indian guy today. I asked him to explain the service, how much it would cost, what they do, how long it would take. He seemed to have an answer for everything (even though I barely understood him). After talking for about 5 minutes I finally told him that I just remembered I don’t have ducts. He told me that I just wasted his time. That was when I got angry and started telling him he wastes my time every day that he calls. That was when he hung up on me.

    I’m going to keep doing this every time they call to waste more of his time. I hope it works

    • Leslie says:

      My husband did the same thing but, the Indian guy got mad at him and started yelling at him about how he had wasted his time. I was in the background telling my husband to hand up. So the Indian gent was so mad that after my hubby hung up, he proceeded to call our house every single minute for the next 10 minutes….I spoke to him a couple of times but he kept yelling at me to put my husband on the phone…..I then took all the phone numbers & reported it to the CRTC…..nothing seems to work……I hate them!!!

  4. Justin says:

    Pretend that you’re selling air duct cleaning services to him lol he’ll probably like that one lol

  5. Lora says:

    So I received many calls from these people a numerous amount of times. I remember one time last year I pretended I couldn’t hear him and asked him to turn up his volume all the way so I could hear him. When I finally asked him if my voice came out loud and he said yes, I blew a whistle so loud I hadn’t received a call back in a very long time. But I received a call back 2 days ago by a Simon and I was sexually harassed on the phone by him saying that “he wanted to F me”. This is getting out of control because what if your child picks up the phone and gets sexually harassed/abused… I called local police and reported the issue and now there is a file on them. But was also told by the police to call The Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs at 1-800-889-9768. I am pursuing this because this has now gotten illegal and that this “Canadian Company” is liable for the actions of those who call even if they are overseas. Enough is enough!

    • I don’t understand why the air duct cleaning companies that are paying these telemarketers aren’t being brought on charges. They’ve got to be committing some crime by conspiring to harass Canadians. And if they aren’t breaking any laws, then we damn well need a new law.

  6. nadinefaye says:

    I have finally resorted to keeping a jar filled with metal objects like belt buckles, buttons etc. that makes a lot of noise when you shake it. I tried it out for the first time today. He hung up on me and hopefully his ears are still ringing.

  7. b murphy says:

    when I get the calls call I put the Ipad up to the phone and play them monty python songs

  8. Melanie says:

    Well, while you’re all busy congratulating yourselves on being so clever, try this idea on for size. The desperately poor person at the other end is trying to feed his family on the penny a call they are probably paying him. Sounds like he’s more the victim than you are, and that the real culprit is the ruthless company who hired him in the first place. So you succeed in making this telemarketer’s miserable life a little more miserable. Hurray for you. Maybe next time try treating others as you would have them treat you. Just politely decline and hang up. A little kindness to somebody less fortunate than you won’t cost you a thing.

    • nadinefaye says:

      I have always tried to be polite to the telemarketers that I have dealt with realizing that this is a very poorly paid job, with little thanks. I tried this at the beginning with the callers for the air duct cleaning. I have explained that I am on the do not call list and repeatedly have asked them to remove my name from their calling list. When you start getting about two calls per week for months on end, it starts wearing on your nerves. I just wish someone had the answer to being able to make these calls stop.

      • Tracey says:

        I have tried being polite and they hang up on ME. If they continue to be rude why should put up with them? They are harassing me. You are an idiot if you think I should put up with people who use a different phone number to call me every day. My daughter has been waiting for potential employers to call her so we have to answer the phone. If you think we don’t understand living on a low income you couldn’t be more wrong. I was a single parent pal but I was never rude to anyone.

    • mike says:

      well aren’t we the valiant defender of the poor! big surprise your link goes back to some carpet cleaning garbage. I bet your company uses this same sort of contracted telemarketing. I don’t “politely decline and hang up” the 50th time I get a call about the same thing. Grow a little common sense.

    • Duane says:

      Wasting time on some foreigner, that’s going to hang up on me, cost’s me my time with my family. If they don’t like getting yelled at, then get a new job. I wouldn’t call people with the intent to hang up on them or wait until they hang up on me.
      And when your getting called 4-6 time a day is a little bit crazy.
      So screw them and you too : 0

    • Twinkie says:

      Another bleeding heart for the world’s hard done by.
      We’ll take it up the gipper for as many times as the leftards tell us to.
      Send all the calls to your line, you probaly have the time to put up with this kinda crap.
      Keep smiling.

    • Jonathan Walford says:

      WAH WAH WAH…. you’re not listening to the argument because your bleeding liberal heart is pounding too hard. He’s making his money by being an annoying gnat. Maybe next time try getting his name and number and offer to send him some cash for his poor starving family

    • Gramps says:

      You be Miss Goody 2-Shoes. They are going to continue getting harassed right back just like they do to me.

      • Bert Devries says:

        Frustrated by frequent calls, sometimes several a day, from the Duct Cleaners, I tried the usual tactics, which only seemed to increase the number of calls.
        Finally, I told the caller that I was very lonely, and wished he would call more often, and asked about his sex life, penis size, if his wife was satisifed, etc.
        The caller seemed rather uncomfortable with all this, and the call soon ended. Still get the occasional call, but nothing like before, and now, nothing is said, just silence.

    • DBF says:

      What they are doing is illegal in Canada so I couldn’t care less if he is trying to feed his family or not.

    • John says:

      No. This is harassment, and it is a violation of MY and MY FAMILIES rights. I have no sympathy. OF COURSE I think the company who hired the called is culpable. But if you hire a murderer, both you and the murderer are to blame. They must be other means of exercising your charity than to encourage us to agree to let our families be victims of this harassment.

    • nonestopcalling@hotmail.com says:

      yeah that works tried that several time none stop calls still..i guess your kindness worked..lol

    • CHICKENHEAD says:

      Oh kindly shut the fuck up. Yhe “poor indian” at the other end of this scam is well aware of the lies he is telling. The whole operation flaunts Canafian law. So spare me your crocodile tears for this clown and the criminal organisation he works for.

    • Ashley says:

      umm… when you have them calling you at 10 pm and have children and you ask them politely to stop calling and they respond with, “fuck off” lets see how bad you feel for them than and who the victim is. Clearly you are no experiencing this issue so why are you even commenting?

    • Shan says:

      Do you mind giving us your telephone to pass on to these guys as a lead . . . maybe then you will understand the frustration that we go thru . . .

    • Joanne says:

      Melanie, you have obviously never been contacted by these people. They are extremely rude, my caller actually said to me, more than once and I quote, “fuck you”. So anything I can do to harass right back I will and yes, I will congratulate myself.

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t feel bad. We have laws in this country and regardless of where you are.. or how poor you are.. that does NOT give anyone the right to harass anyone.
      If you were being called 4-6 times a day by a homeless canadian that was offered chump change to repeat call you.. would you be as sympathetic? Honestly.. no you wouldn’t.
      You would be first in line to a complaint department that some homeless person was harassing you and you wanted it to stop.
      There are poor and deprived areas all over the world but they don’t call you to scam you. The select few that do need to be stopped. People have been nieve enough to pay for this service .. as have people fallen for the microsoft virus calls.. fake creditor calls and a host of others.
      It doesn’t matter who they are or where they are.. it is illegal and should not be tollerated. . Period!

    • b says:

      U obviously aren’t getting the calls. I’d rather let the assh*le starve.

    • Amanda says:

      Sorry, these guys don’t deserve anyone’s pity. When I politely said no thank you, please don’t call me again, I got told to F-off. After I hung up, the poor, miserable, sad needing our pity man continued to call back 6 times each time with more profane language and disgusting comments. I had my husband answer and the desperately poor person told my husband what he would like to do to me while he watched. That is what I got for politely trying to decline. They deserve none of my kindness.

    • Anouyed says:

      Thats a fine thought on the first or maybe second call.how nice will you be after 28 calls in less than a month. I’ve booked appointment and not been home and they still keep calling.

    • bozo d clown says:

      You obviously have not been on the receiving end of this nightmare, or would not be so ready to play the Gandhi role! Apart from the daily harassment, they easily slip into tirades and insults when you decline their service. How in God’s name do you this that should be handled, other than looking for ways to annoy THEM for a change. I make a living for my family too, and take pride that none of it involves calling people every day just to scam businesses that should know better, and piss people off.

  9. Sandra says:

    I find it increasingly hard to be polite to telemarketers of duct cleaning services, as we also get about two calls per week and they have ignored our repeated requests to stop calling us. The CBC program, Marketplace, recently investigated telemarketers of duct cleaning services located in Pakistan. The telemarketers used “spoofing” to show a different number on caller ID than the one they are actually calling from to disguise their identity and where they are calling from, and the local companies ripped off people by providing a poor cleaning service. Even if the CRTC could identify the telemarketer and levied a fine against them, they could not force them to pay the fine because they have no jurisdiction outside of Canada. It seems that the only way the calls will stop is if the law is changed to permit the CRTC to fine the local company that hired the telemarketer.

    • I would definitely support a law that made it illegal for a Canadian company to hire, either directly or indirectly, foreign telemarketers that operate outside the jurisdiction of the Canadian government.

  10. Chief says:

    I was just watching a marketplace report on CBC about this company. They hire a call centre out of Karachi Pakistan called Via Connections to do their telemarketing. The reporter tried calling them and was met with a rude response. After seeing this, I did some googling and saw that they have a Facebook page. I don’t use FB so I don’t know what’s there. Just thought I’d share the bit of info with those who have been harassed so they might have another another avenue to stop this.

    • i wish u would give out that no so we could and SHOULD CALL AND HARASS THEM. they called me at my ALL electric home which i told him the first time. i am mentally ill and canot handle stress i too called the police nada. since then i have lost my home and been in the syc ward BUT have a brand new no and started getting calls again last week. this is not some poor person this is a sadistbecaue i rcognize the woise it is and has been at leastin my case thw SAME person.this in my case has been going on for the past 4 years i did some resurch and got hold of a real duct cleaning company in to and the woman said it was ruining her legit bus and traced them to india, and found out they use a computer which is why the calls cannot be traced. but i wonder if those same calls could be traced if it was a case of national security. just wondering thanks for letting me vent some.

  11. Enid A. says:

    While I was reading the comments here, I kid you not, the “Air Duct Cleaning Co.” actually called me. I said, “Hi! You’re calling from Pakistan aren’t you?” and the guy immediately hung up. I used to get into these big arguments with the callers and say things like “why one earth would I ever hire you when you’ve been pestering me like this?!” but they never seemed to understand, and now, having read Ashley’s theory it all makes sense. You know, a year and a half ago one of them actually told me that they’d called me 32 times! – and they’ve been calling me regularly ever since so I must be getting up near 100 calls by now. I’ve programmed my phone to block every number they’ve ever called from but they must have a computer program that randomly generates new numbers. Thank god for the internet. I was just about to go onto the DNCL website and register yet another totally pointless complaint. Not only have I saved so time but I am definitely going to try the wasting-their-time technique. To Melanie, who said we should just be polite, because the callers are poor: imagine being me, after 100 calls from the Air Duct Cleaning Company, added to the recorded “Get a lower interest rate on your credit card!” calls from the States, and the many many many charity/newspaper/survey calls. I don’t yell or swear but I’m starting to have a real problem with teeth grinding.

    • Mew says:

      I told the one caller that I would report him and the company.. he laughed and said go ahead. That angered me more than anything… I think that is the day I decided to invest in a compressed air / horn. I have reported to CRTC.. my service provider.. nothing works.When they call I just give them a toot on my air horn.

      • Jan deBroek says:

        When you receive the “Duck Cleaner” calls from a Pakistani Call Center, wasting their time, or making loud noises or lewd comments may seem like revenge, but they have your phone number, and will likely just escalate the harassment. Complaining to the Police, or the CRTC, or Phonebusters, is laughable. They are the enablers of these shysters, whining that they can’t trace them because they’re out of the country. Oh really? Howcome the CBC had no difficulty in finding the Karachi call centre, and in booking appointments showing, with hidden cameras, what rippoff artists these guys are. But, the donut eating Police are helpless!
        You are going after the wrong party. It is local duct cleaning scammers who hire these call centers, and those are the crooks you should be targeting. Some people book appointments, not intending to keep them, but that too is dangerous. The scammers know your address, and may well exact revenge by suing you, or burglarizing your home. The authorities will back them, not you.
        The best strategy is to turn the tables on them. Give the “Duct Cleaners” a dose of their own medicine – telephone harrassment.
        There are online services which allow you to make anonymous “prank” calls, not traceable to you. At prank calls.ca you can enter a phone number to call, and the message to be delivered. Prankdial allows you three free calls daily, although you can’t compose your own messages. Look up Duct Cleaners in your area, who advertise on Craig’s List or Kijiji. You can spot the scammers by their low prices. To send an expensive truck with high tech equipment and a crew of workers costs money, so legitimate duct cleaners charge in he area of $350. The scammers are the ones offering to do the whole house for $100. Those are the ones you want to target.
        You can harass them with fake telemarket calls – Carol from Credit Card Services would be a good one. Or, you can leave a phone number and fake address, saying you want to book an appointment. Apartment building addresses are great for this.
        They can’t trace you, and it’s satisfying to know you are delivering the same harrassment they’re doing to you, and there’s nothing they can do. Call them often.
        You could even suggest they go back to Pakistan.

  12. nadinefaye says:

    I haven’t had a call in a few weeks so don’t know if I found the solution or not. I was pleasant and sounded some what interested but not too sure. I was handed up to the ‘next level’ another chap who I am sure was ready to set up the appointment. I asked some questions as to where their office was located (told Toronto) so asked if they had something in south western Ontario, oh yes London. Said I might want to use someone more local but was assured they covered all areas. I tried to waste as much time as possible with my humming & hawing. Finally I said that I would have to check with the building manager. The guy seemed some what shocked and said ‘Do you live in an apartment building?’ I told him oh yes. Maybe you could designate your spouse or pet to be your building manager. Now if I could just get the ‘Your computer is running slow’ people to stop calling too!

    • you know, one of my friend works in the same telemarketing call center, and you can never waste his time, he has a glance to know either the customer is real or just making fun, and however if someone wastes his time, he saves that number in his call back sheet, and starts dialing that number almost daily, specially in the night time, when he is to leave his office. He asks the customer to apologize him for what they did with him to stop calling them otherwise he keeps calling them.

      Did any telemarketer like my friend has ever called you ?

  13. Jema says:

    When they called today, I just said I don’t have any air ducts where I live. And he just hung up. lol
    I hope he calls back tomorrow so I can mess with them.

    • you know, one of my friend works in the same telemarketing call center, and you can never waste his time, he has a glance to know either the customer is real or just making fun, and however if someone wastes his time, he saves that number in his call back sheet, and starts dialing that number almost daily, specially in the night time, when he is to leave his office. He asks the customer to apologize him for what they did with him to stop calling them otherwise he keeps calling them.

      When he told us about that we appreciated his that trick.

  14. Mew says:

    I keep a mini air horn ready in the cabinet by the phone. It has not stopped them from calling.. but it is fun.. and puts a smile on my face..

  15. Razor says:

    When I get a call I play a different joke every time. My best is “I do not have ducks, I have geese, do you clean geese”? One time the guy said to me “Do you know what you can do with your geese? Shove them up your F%$#iing Ass”. With that accent it was funny. Needless to say, I had a good laugh from it. Oh well. I will keep trying to beat my record of keeping them on the line. Cheers

  16. Perky says:

    Check out this site for the Arabic cow on YouTube: ‘http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QR2og3B1r3c’. I recorded it and now when they call I tell them I will have to put the owner of the house on the phone. Then I play this for them. After it is through I get back on the phone and if they are still there I tell them I don’t think he’s interested and then I hang up.

  17. Imagine All The People says:

    I always believe in hearing both sides of an argument. I don’t believe that most telemarketers are trying to scam people. They are just doing a job that their telemarketing agency was contracted out to perform. Many of these agencies are overseas, in India, Pakistan and Indonesia. Many of these telemarketers are young men trying to earn money for their educations. Please don’t be so quick and judge them as criminals. There are some unfortunate circumstances regarding telemarketers and their misconduct and poor ethics, but most are sincere. I’m not saying that the calls some people receive about their ductwork being contaminated are all well intentioned, but there are legitimate companies that perform these cleaning tasks that use telemarketer agencies to seek potential clients. The next time you receive a call from one of those telemarketers try being mindful and polite and not jump the gun and spew hateful words at the caller.

    • GoodGuy says:

      We are all tired of the telemarketing duct cleaners. Since you cannot get the overseas telemarketers off your back, maybe take a different approach? i.e. give them back a bit of their own medicine.

      Call the local duct cleaning companies that do the work instead. They are the ones that pay the overseas telemarketers for the phone leads. Call the local company and leave them a message saying you want duct cleaning services and give them one of the other local duct cleaner numbers on the attached list as the callback number. That way, they get to talk to each other.

      If they answer your call rather than voicemail, then ask them if they called for duct cleaning as you got their number from someone saying they want duct cleaning. They get totally confused. Really funny!

      If enough people do this, they will have to change their phone numbers, and the signs on their trucks, etc. Try it out. I get the phone numbers from Kijiji ads. Any firm offering specials less that $150 is likely part of the telemarketer scams and is a good start. Here is a starter list for you. Remember call one and leave a different on as the callback number. If you get a live answer, try and sell them some duct cleaning.
      Too funny !
      416-477-1487 647-300-2525 647-501-9296
      416-894-5421 416-875-5421 416-875-1332
      647-292-2704 416-727-2502 647-693-6267
      416-857-6266 647-693-6266 416-286-1436
      416-841-3580 416-817-0969 416-277-4616
      647-461-4444 416-917-2804 416-389-7736

    • mundoo says:

      Seriously you clearly have not have them call you. I replied politely saying hello no thank you im actually not interest.. then he hung up on me mid sentence.. this happended about 3 times. I never talk to them anymore. I hang up or i tell them to fuck off. Just because you get laid low and live in poverty does not give you the right to act like a dick. He could easily say ok no problem and hang up after. That took what 2 seconds? There is no sympathy from me to these telemarketers that are rude kmowong they cannot be dealt with by canadian authorities.

    • Shan says:

      Good can you please share your telephone number so that we can pass into to these guys as a lead . . .

  18. jen says:

    I had a similar call for duct cleaning and I politely said I wasn’t interested. The man asked if I could give him a reason. I said “no reason, I’m just not interested”. He insisted that I must give a reason. I said no. This went back and forth a few times when he finally said it was against the law to NOT give a reason. So I asked if that meant I could get arrested for not telling him? He said yes. So I said in that case please send the police. He insisted on a reason and I repeated NO. So then, he asked to speak to my husband. That set me off and I launched into a rant about a woman’s “no” being enough of an answer…. that I didn’t need my husband to speak to me. He hung up, but the same number called back about 30 mins later…. and asked for my husband by name. I suppose they looked us up? Not sure but hubby wasn’t home yet. They called back again and my husband kept them on the line using the whole “we don’t eat duck, but if they have goat we’d buy two” conversation. Its a shame we have no safeguard against these nonsense calls. I was very creeped out that they called back with my husbands name.

  19. Chris says:

    I just received a call and tried the run around with the guy. He was asking for my address when I knew very well they already had it. I gave him a fake address and he became angry. He said he was going to send someone to my house, stating my correct address, to take care of me. This is getting out of hand. It’s bad enough we are getting these calls every day, now we are being threatened in our own homes and there is nothing we can do about it. I can guarantee that if someone shows up at my house they will receive the business end of my Goalie stick no questions asked. If the government is not going to do anything about it then we Canadians will.

  20. Paul says:

    So I just got another one of these calls. I asked is this air duct cleaning? He said yes and I’m gonna rape your mother , wife and daughter. This needs to stop. Is there anything I can do?

  21. Sonny Lamba says:

    These air duct cleaning calls are extremely harassing. I would suggest that no-one loose their temper , to the point that you lash out at these guys. The reason is that I know many cases where these guys turn verbally abusive and increase the harassment if you loose your temper. After all , they have your name, number and address and you don’s have a clue where they are calling from or who they are. They have nothing to loose whereas you have you privacy and dignity at stake. I would even go the the extreme of calling this tele-terrorism. The Canadian government should do something about this as it is tantamount to foreign assault on Canadian soil. By the way, I am Indian and speak the language that these guys speak, managed to track down where they are actually calling from… here it is..


  22. Raj says:

    Hey Guys We can all share our grief but nothing will come out of it until we do something. I had enough with this duct cleaning calls and finally made an appoint for tomorrow. I am trying to get the local company phone number. Even better is the owner’s personal number. I will post it here as soon I get it. Then we all start calling this a***hole 24 and give him taste of his own medicine.

  23. MD Lawther says:

    I was getting called at least once a week by these guys and have been polite all the way up to screaming at them or blowing a whistle into the phone…. Nothing seems to deter these folks so I finally booked an appointment. – The first time I did it, the telemarketer passed me onto his supervisor after nearly 5min of dialogue… Only to have “Kevin” confirm some final details and then suddenly reveal that I’m on a ‘do not call list’ and apologized… So I figured this would be the last of their harassing calls and gave Kevin a piece of my mind, then hung up. – Fast-forward 2 weeks later (3 days ago) and I surprisingly get another call for duct cleaning (obviously out of Indian or Pakistan) so I eagerly book another appointment for them to come. – This time however the guy handles the entire call from start to finish and I’m booked for January 18th… They kindly give me a reminder call the evening prior, where I agreed we’re still on and add that I’m looking forward to it! – And finally an hour before they were to arrive, they call again to confirm I’m home and I tell them there must be a mistake because I’m on a DNCL and that I never booked an appointment… The technician apologizes for the mistake and hangs up. – Only to be called again this morning to be asked by a duct cleaning rep “why did you cancel your appointment?”, where I reiterated that I’m on a DNCL and it was their mistake to have called me in the first-place… This is when I got satisfaction that my efforts were worth the time and effort spent! – The guy on the line lost his mind and began to curse me repeatedly (very well I might add) where I laughed and asked if he’d learned a lesson and hung up…. At the end of the day, if they’re dumb enough to call and book another appointment with me again, I will go all the way through with it and meet them face-to-face, along with a video camera, as well as have the police there to ensure nothing gets out of hand. – Hopefully it doesn’t come to this…. Wish me luck! 😄

  24. Karen says:

    They phone my house daily. It’s really getting out of hand. Telling them to “take me off their list” only gets them to hang up on me! Same with simply saying, “I’m not interested.” I think I am going to take the advice of feigning interest to see how far I can take it, and then ultimately tell them I live in an apartment building, (even though I don`t.) I also am going to ask if they do “geese” cleaning. You all have some fantastic ways of coping. Thanks for a giggle. I needed it, so tiresome and a waste of my time when I work from home and have two small children.

  25. Mary says:

    Your logic is not only flawed, but cruel. So you decide instead of going after the company, you’re going after the poor individual and his already minimal income. It’s not like the person calling you is the one trying to scam anyone, Also, this is likely not his ideal career path, he’s probably just working doing anything to make a living. Yet you decide that because you’re annoyed in your comfortable home, you should take away his income? If that’s not cruel I don’t know what is. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not defending them by any means, I stumbled upon this page by trying to find a solution to the annoying calls. When they do call however, I’m aware that the actual individuals calling are not to blame, so that’s why I don’t yell, swear, or play tricks. I simply and politely decline and hang up.
    Additionally, your theory is flawed because you likely had a new hire call you who was simply flustered the first opportunity he had to make a pitch. If they were able to charge for the hang ups they would not be so persistent when I refuse their offer.

    • DBF says:

      Why do you feel the need to try to stick up for people who are committing a crime?

    • nonestopcalling@hotmail.com says:

      agree why are u caring for them…they get nasty if ur polite..tried ur way..and get hung up and more calls coming it..get a life @Mary!

    • Joanne says:

      Mary, you are very naive. This issue is real and unwanted. If you have had no calls you should not be commenting here.

  26. AHI says:

    I played along, give him all the details about my fake house, then I got passed to the supervisor. When broke down all the pricing schemes and tried to schedule a date he wanted to confirm my address. I told him it was the wrong address and that I don’t live in Toronto. He was like, “is your number 647——.” I was like “yea, but I live in King City not Toronto. I don’t know where you got that address from, but where are you located? What’s your address.” He give their address(probably fake) and I told him I will come in to schedules an appointment. Then he got all mad and asked if I was wasting his time. And then I asked him why he was being rude, and that I didn’t want to hire such rude people. Then he told me to go to hell and hung up.
    The call probably felt longer than it was, but it was kinda fun.

  27. MD says:

    My approach may not be perfect, however it is effective Mary…

    I’ve had one call since then, and did the same thing but with no swearing this time around…
    Already I’m benifiting through my tactics by only getting one call within nearly 3 months vs. getting them several times per week… And I’m on a DNCL!!!!

    Mary, if you have a bleeding heart for these guys, please provide your phone # so I can tell these Duct Cleaners to call you instead me…

  28. Inspector Gadget says:

    I pretended that I was having a hard time understanding (not hard to do) the telemarketer and insisted that I did not have any ducks to clean but if they could clean my dirty chickens then we may be able to do business. After a couple of minutes the guy on the phone figured it out and went nuts screaming profanities and then hanging up on me. Solved the problem for a little while and gave me a bit of satisfaction as well as a good laugh.

  29. Peter says:

    Told the guy I was interested and had a 7k sqft home. He said no way. I said yup. He asked about furnaces. I said I have 3. Supervisor came on the phone and said there are no homes that big. I said yes there is. He asked if I live in a colosium. I said nope just a very big house. He said I was mistaken. I said how would you know? You are calling me from the Pakistan call Center. Here in canada we live big. He laughed and hung up. Total convo, about 3min.

  30. Nattie says:

    Hi Ashley!
    Good show on that stalling call. I used to work for a call center (regrettably) and know how the system works. In a call center if you listen to their pitch and kindly reply “no” to their services and maybe the extra “take me off your list” they they are obligated to stop calling.

    Well with this air duct company I have tried that trick, and you are right they don’t have a pitch. They only expect hang ups.

    I even did your trick to keep them on the line etc. they would hang up on me and get flustered. I even went to last resort in yelling and threatening to call authorities on them.

    As you can gather as to my experience I’m sorry to tell you that with everything you try they always call back even if you tell them not to call they will anyways.

    It’s a form of harassment and abouse that unfortunately they will not and cannot be stopped.

  31. Keith Shoebridge says:

    I have taken it one step further. I now book their service and when they show up with their truck and crew, I tell them I have changed my mind. They ask why and I say….”spite” and then explain that I have told them repeatedly not to call me. I also said I would book them every time they call and I would cancel when they show up. They have now come to my house 3 times and I am loving it. This costs them lost income and expense….and yes, I am a very petty man.

    • I don’t think you’re petty at all.

    • Jonathan Walford says:

      This is exactly what I have done twice now. Both times they have parked their vehicle down the street from me, and as they headed back to their truck I went out with a camera and photographed their vehicle. I have four different lines in my house and two of them never call anymore, so I only have to go through this two more times and I will be duct free!

  32. Annoyed says:

    I have also made an appointment while I was away. Now the ‘manager’ is calling me repeatedly to try and pay for the cost of sending a truck out. If anyone is interested in harassing him. His name is Ali at 647-694-1844.

    • Peter says:

      Here is a little info on Ali. Ali runs 1 duct cleaning company that goes by over 30 names and numbers. Ali is an asshole who constantly rips people off. He s current on kijiji Barrie advertizing duct cleaning for $130. Search Kijiji for all of Ontario. See the company that has over a hundred ads, thats Ali. You will see other ads with same price and pics but different name, this is also Ali. In total Ali has over 250 ads across Ontario on kijiji as of 11 January 2016 and it is allowed. I have reported Ali on Kijiji to Kijijj about 12 times and each time Kijiji allows him to do his rip of customer thing. Shame on kijiji

  33. Tim Campbell says:

    What happens if you make an appointment? When the guy shows up to clean your ducts, tell him the police are on the way; the CRTC are being advised and he will pay the price for the telemarketers. After all, he hired them and he’s liable for them. If enough of these duct cleaning companies start seeing criminal prosecution and half-million dollar fines for violating the DNCL will they not dump the telemarketers?

  34. Sam says:

    longest time record: 24 mins.. making a counter pitch about a business opportunity for them, since they’ll be in my area after all.

    6 mins 24 seconds.. *recorded!* put them on speaker phone and used laptop to record conversation. asked if he’d clean the inside and outside ducts, inside and outside vents.. he asked if I was talking about “quack quack” ducks, I said no, that’s silly, you’d never catch those, they’re fast. Then I got back to business, which lasted about another minute before he started to get pissed and ask for my daughters phone number.. I asked if he’s single.. he says yes.. but before I could propose a rendezvous he hung up.. boo.. I was looking forward to meeting him in a dark alley somewhere and scaring the crap out of him

    fortunately I work shift work so I have lots of down time on my days off. If I’m lucky, the baby is sleeping and I am bored so they call me to entertain me, how nice of them.

  35. Eric MacMillan says:

    Just as police sometimes perform “zero tolerance traffic safety blitz’s”, the RCMP could do likewise with the air duct cleaning, home security alarm, window installers, etc scam artists who contract the offshore call centres to harass us.

    It should be a piece of cake for the RCMP to figure out who is using the annoying call centres, and they can then hit the Canadian companies where it hurts…………in the pocket-book!! If the Canadian companies get hammered with too many fines or go out of business, then the telemarketers’ business will dry up quickly………….no more phone calls !!!

    The only thing I’m not sure of is what federal regulations exist under section 41.1 of Canada’s Telecommunications Act (S.C. 1993, c. 38). Note: This Act is the “enabling legislation, i.e. it allows “the Minister” to write / enact / enforce / amend regulations. The Act makes provision for fines up to $10,000 for each individual repeat offence and fines up to $100,000 for each corporation repeat offence.

    Canada’s current Minister Justice & Attorney General is = Peter McKay. We should all be contacting Minister McKay !!!

    Until the fed’s take some reasonable enforcement action, my approach is similar to what’s been written, i.e. waste as much of the telemarketer’s time as possible. Politely tell the caller you are interested in his product, but that you will only agree to signing a contract once you have visited his office and checked his business out………….and for that you’ll need a phone # and an address. The telemarketer will advise your approach will not work, but you tell him you’ve successfully used this approach with construction contractors, roofers, deck builders. In short, you need to protect yourself my never do business over the phone. Good luck !!!

  36. DBF says:

    Another effective way to waste their time is to give your local shopping mall or police station’s address as yours. I have done this a couple of times.

  37. Robert Evershed says:

    I have been getting calls sometimes 3 times a day, always changing their number, when I told him he was harrassing me and my family he said ” What are you going to do about it as$%e?”
    Then I asked for the businesses address, he told me, “I will call again tomorrow, suck my d@#$ a#$hole.”
    Something should be done about these guys. Maybe this should be sent to a higher political member and have their licence taken or have them charged.

  38. Juan Garcia says:

    Lots of lessons from different people. It seems that the common denominator is to try to waste their time as much as possible keeping the conversation on, and when they get tired, after a couple of calls as oen may not be enough, they give up on calling your number as they share the telephone database and eventually one of them will mark your phone as a no good candidate.

    Based on the replies also, bad attitudes creates the yihad effect and they may come after you to try to make your life miserable beginnig a horror story. So, do not take a loud revenge. Just be patience until they end up removing your phone from their list.

    • Keith says:

      What is wrong with you? Do you enjoy getting calls from people in India at all times of day? How are those rose coloured glasses working out for you? It is people like you that make it impossible to try and remedy a wrong. I won’t keep you as I am sure either the air miles people, the grocery survey people or …my favourite….the guy from microsoft trying to infect my computer. They are also from India. GROW A PAIR.

      • Keith says:

        No I don’t troll much at all, only when weak minded people are willing to sit back and take abuse from ignorant telemarketers and then advise others to do the same. You of all people should not be negative towards me when there has been so little action from the actual owner of this domain. Perhaps you are getting soft…….is what she said.

  39. Delaval Palmer says:

    Why don’t we all organize!?. Maybe we ALL should be complaining about the total uselessness of the so-call DNCL.
    Would a written signed petition from all of us to the responsible person of Government demanding a change in the law, such that the new law has some teeth to bite into these telephone annoying crooks help? Time for a change! Time for action!

  40. Faydan says:

    I started to keep a list of the phone numbers they are using and it seems to be a different one each time. This is part of the reason that it is so hard for the CRTC & the police to do anything. I think they are also using technology to be calling from overseas but able to show up as calling from your area code. I don’t know that any Canadian law passed can be enacted upon people from another country, certainly not a high enough crime for extradition. I think I have tried pretty well every suggestion on here but still haven’t found the answer..

    • If I pay someone in Pakistan to mail a bomb here and blow someone up, I’m guilty of murder. If an airduct cleaning company pays someone in Pakistan to call me when I’m on the do-not-call list, they should be equally guilty of violating Canadian law. Forget about the overseas callers, our government should go after the Canadian and American companies that hire them to harass us. Alternatively, require that the telephone companies install technology that allows us to block any call that originates from outside North America (calls would have to be tagged with a digital header so that they can’t be spoofed by a North American relay site). Neither will happen because the telephone companies make too much money from all the telephone calls that the overseas telemarketers make. Not unless enough people are angry enough to play a significant role in the next election.

  41. alex says:

    Time to book an appointment to have my ducts cleaned, Can’t wait to see the look on their faces when my friends and I start to circle them on the driveway. GOODTIMES!!!!

  42. Ren says:

    I get multiple calls a week from these duct cleaning people. Today when they called at 8:57 PM, I asked for their phone number, he proceeded to give me my own, I giggled and said, “No, your number.” He gave me a different number than what was on my caller ID and an address in my city that is clearly in Toronto (an address he changed twice on me). This moron also knew I was on a DNCL and told me so. UGH. I’ve found that speaking in French confuses them, they don’t understand it and hang up on me. No swearing, just frustration for them. I also tell them to hang on a second and proceed to yell at “my kids” (I don’t have any) or ask them to repeat themselves, then I put down the phone and leave till they hang up. I am so sick of these calls. There has got to be a way to get the government to act against these companies!

  43. TJ says:

    So I found this post by going on Google and typing in harassment from air duct cleaning companies lol. Okay, so I live in an apartment and they call at least twice a day. Today I got so fed up thatbi swore at him and said “Stop effing calling my phone. We don’t have air ducts. You’ve called at least 10 times this week! ” He then proceeded to say that he will be calling 60 times more!!! Is that not harassment? !?!?! D:

    • Danielle says:

      They called me tonight as well. 8:45pm as I was putting my 2 kids to bed. It was a guy calling fromn surprise, air duct cleaning. I asked him if he knew what time it wasand he said yes “8:45pm”. I said exactly. “Don’t call my house again”..he proceeded to say “I will call you every night” then hung up. This is harassment..you ask someone not to do something and then they threaten to do it over and over again. Sick of it.

  44. Ron says:

    You folks are going about this the wron way. Pretend your interested and make an apointment. When they come to your door tell them you’ve told thenot to call you and know your going to waste thir time. See if they bother you again because now you” have the real company name and phone number. You see when you ask them what’s the company name they always just say Air Duct Cleaning.

  45. JimB says:

    Just got off the phone with a guy from an Indian call centre trying to get me to have my furnace ducts cleaned. I told him I don’t understand, I have registered my phone with the Canada Do Not Call Registry many times yet these people still call. I told him for the 100 time of being harassed for this service “I AM NOT INTERESTED” and DO NOT CALL AGAIN…he told me he knows my address and told me the address…then he said to me “F%^k off three times and even called me an A-hole…called Rogers and we changed the phone number, I also called York regional Police, they said don’t confront them, just hang up, they are more annoyance than illegal, they obviously have agents that provide this service in Canada and people are using that service. The Cop said she gets those calls also and hangs up….once your phone is made public in a phone book, people can get your name address and phone number

  46. John Martin says:

    How about harrassing the company that is harrassing us? The company is Via Connections in Karachi, Pakistan. Their website is http://www.connectionsvia.com/ and their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/connectionsvia.

  47. Kelly says:

    I’m glad I stumbled across this post, gave me feel I have some camaraderie with others that are experiencing this annoyance too.

    They’ve called for YEARS now, I first registered my number back in 2011 and of course that didn’t work. They probably call about 2 times a week. Next time I call, I’ll use the “I’ll report you to Anti-Fraud and put me on your internal dncl” shtick.

    They’ll probably call again, so next I’ll use that whistle approach and booking appointment, but not give them my actual address.

    Some of the ways people have dealt with this are funny, and I’d rather not be yelling at them wasting my energy, rather get a laugh out of it.

    Someone suggested contacting a fed minister? Or should it be the head of the CRTC? A Mr. Jean-Pierre Blais. What about an online petition like on change.org or sumofus?

  48. Susan says:

    I suggest persons send repeated emails with your home phone number that is being called to the CRTC saying “stop calling me”…….”stop calling me”…..”stop calling me”…..”stop calling me”. Perhaps the overload will drive a point through their thick head and do something about it!!

  49. Sterling says:

    I get the calls too. At least 3 to 5 a month about half a year ago. Told the same we have no ducts, we heat with wood and please remove me from your calling list. I am not getting as many calls now, but I just hang up on them. It was mentioned in the posts a few times in here is to some how legally make the Canadian duct cleaner company responsible. Don’t know how, but it is the key as the blow horns, wasting their time and making false appointments is not working. Sterling…..

  50. Bert Devries says:

    Guess where these harassers get your phone number from…..that’s right, from the do not call list! Your governemtn provides them with their “contact list”!

  51. LT says:

    I get these calls too! almost every day! Must be a couple of years now.

  52. Sue says:

    I get called at least once I week from these people and tell them I rent so I cannot give them permission to remove me from the list. I asked to speak to a manager and the man on the other end got very rude and said he knows where I live and is going to come to my house and f*ck my daughter and f**k me so hard and then got extremely bad. I hung up several times and they kept calling back from different numbers. My son actually got on the phone as heard me freaking out and they said they were going to harm him. I called the Bell Canada and they said nothing they could do as the number is untraceable. This needs to stop. Is there not a way that we cannot contact the company they are calling on behalf of and tell them? What would happen if you think if I book an appointment and when the guy shows up from the company tell them not interested and what their telemarketer said to me. You think they may get rid of them???

  53. Fay Daniels says:

    I thought you’d like this:

    9 duct cleaning companies fined $149,000 for do-not-call violations
    Nine companies linked to illegal telemarketing calls about duct cleaning services have been named and shamed by the CRTC.

  54. TBone says:

    Everyone just keep in mind that the number that shows on your caller id is fake. So listing that number or calling it won’t help.

  55. Lola says:

    Hi , I received a call yesterday for a duct cleaning company. I get them all the time, normally i do the same thing and say im not interested ect. Yesterday , I picked up the line to a Unknown # , which i normally don’t do. When i told him i was not interested and not to call my house again. He then said my full first and last name and my full address and told me he was going to come over and FU-K ME. I said excuse me? he repeated this 3 times as i ask him him name and what company he works for (as i do know that it’s not in Canada) Im reported to the police last night. And to the Do Not Call list. but of coarse with out a name of a company or phone number so far nothing can get done. This is not a joke, Complete Harassment. I will be taking further action to find out how to finally stop this.

  56. Matty says:

    I kept “Mary” on the line 5 minutes today, just asking a few natural questions. She tried to intimidate me by giving my address as the Toronto company address. She ended by telling me to jump out the window and die. We get these calls daily almost. Some have been very foul mouthed. And we have no ducts in the house. They don’t seem to care. I was also being hounded by the local conservative candidate, but those are legal calls. Arggghhhh!

  57. Max says:

    I’m trying this new thing, when I hear the Indian accent and I know it’s gonna be some scam, I just pretend I don’t speak English and start speaking French and they hang up on me. And you don’t need to be fluent to do this, basic grade 4 FSL “chien chat maison” will probably do it. But yeah, they’re really annoying, and I hate they’re spoofing numbers. I used to screen 1-800 (or 1-whatever) calls, but now I hesitate even answering local area code calls.

  58. Reuben Danko says:

    Fact 1: Overseas Telemarketing companies do not receive payments on the number of calls made, hang-up, or commonly known as “No Sale”. How they get paid is for people to find out. All I will do is advise when the posting refer to “wrong” information, so keep thinking and testing. Fact 2: The Media and the CRTC are bragging about issuing fines, and clam to have collected thousands of dollars. They did from companies whose Directors have elected to pay up, because they wanted to maintain stay in business under the same name. The other companies which chose not to pay, you can afford yourselves the thoughts, they will remain in business, with a new name, new corporation etc. Fact 3: The fines collected by the CRTC are only a benefit to the CRTC, the same organization which charges call centres tens of thousands of dollars to sell them a DNC List which was “given” to them by the public. So in actual fact, the CRTC has a pretty up to date marketing list, which it sells to their “Exempt” Customers, which are Telephone and Cable Companies, companies which manage Municipal, Provincial and Federal Elections, who of course are permitted to call their “customers”, many of whom of course do not have any qualms with being contacted by their service providers or companies managing their “right to vote”.

  59. Ron says:

    No Matter what ever you do, this type of calls aren’t going to stop, your Information is easily available in Yellow pages, which is available FOC. and anyone can use/misuse it the way they want.. Its illegal to us but for them .. they are contracted for doing this shit. they get paid.. its their Job..
    No Matter what tricks you apply on them they aren’t going to stop.Free Voip Calls and other tools..have made such thing very easy for them..

    Best way to stop such type of Calls, is ask for more Information about the company..no matter where they are sitting but they have to provide services here in Canada.. and hence they can’t hide even if they want…unless if the caller if fake.. you should ask for information like web site address, their local Phone # , name of the local contact person etc..and once you have these details you can simply report that to Local Police..with date and Time of the call..I also would use my cell phone to record the conversation, so as to provide a audio evidence of the call to police..
    I bet there are only few handful of such Air duct companies that use such cheap overseas services to get business. we only need to get their info by asking a right questions.,

  60. Greg Bub says:

    I talked to one rep for 1/2 hour on speaker phone with my wife and son listening. I pretended I was interested in having the ducks on my farm cleaned. Every time the operator tried to tell me about the ducts he was referring to, I gave him a story about particular ducks on my farm that would give him a hard time!
    I didn’t invent this conversation; I listened to a funny you-tube post that gave me the idea.
    My family had tears streaming down their faces in laughter by the time I was finished 🙂

  61. Mr duck cleaned says:

    The phone number for the business run by these assholes is +92 333 3232940 – anyone have access to a war dialer?

  62. Sammy says:

    Yesterday I got an air duct call. I gave them the address of the local police station and a fake name. They had my “real address” and I told them “no, I moved, this is my new address”. They said they’d call back today to set up a time to come to my “house”. Is this a bad idea? I sooo want them to show up at the police station but I also don’t want to get in trouble (with the police, that is!). Should I go through with it??

    • I don’t know if you should do this or not. There are potential risks, for sure, because these guys do have your phone number and could start harassing you. I’ve heard stories about such things happening.

  63. john says:

    – Somebody’s paying the call centers. Wouldn’t that mean there’s enough people duped into allowing these people in their house and paying upfront, causing the air duct cleaners to keep paying the call centers?
    – There’s videos of people confront the air duct cleaners at their door on YouTube, one person had a t-shirt that reads “Air duct cleaning”, some wear a plain dress shirt or just plain clothes.
    – Autodialers have no feelings and don’t get tired. They don’t care who hangs up. They only care about valid numbers and whether or not a human picks up. This is why there are silent reconnaissance calls where people answer and there is nobody on the line.
    – You can’t waste their time without wasting your own. This would work if every person worked together to waste at least 1 minute of their time, but most people hang up ASAP because it is easier.
    – Every number they use in their caller ID is spoofed. They’re smart enough not to give their real number. They can even spoof my number or yours
    – Air duct cleaners asked you for your credit card#? Really? I’ve never heard of this because the victim would call the bank and have the transaction reversed.
    – I’ve been blocking private numbers and that seems to be the most effective so far. It goes to voicemail in case it is a legit user.

  64. John doe says:

    Telemarketers a majority of the time are paid by the hour regardless of appointments set. Now different places and types have different bonuses and commission, but generally it’s a bonus for a certain amount of leads, or appointments as well as commission on an individual lead if it sales it product or products. So during a day I could care less what you say to me or how you say it, I get about :4-8 leads a day simply listen to your tone and inquisitiveness to avoid bs. Even if I’m toyed with which is rare because my pitch is structured to either get the response I’m looking for asap or hang up, I won’t waste but a minute entertaining you. Weekly checks of about 4-600, smoke blunts every 2 hours, no drug check or background. No energy lost besides mentally overcoming a few homeowners a day. Cakewalk. I’m 24 and with no kids and am African American. I don’t usually engage a homeowner anyways asks questions I’ll usually hang up anyways so it doesn’t affect anything ever . Just need a cpl and if u use ur head congrats but 100million ppl easily do not ant that’s what government and society rely on. Ppl like u. The person who said try to be understanding or helpful is right to a degree. Why don’t we all wake up and help out all?. Stupid old generation pre internet. We can all easily be ahead.

  65. Mustafa says:

    Hello everyone! This is my strategy for revenge on the duct cleaning services – I say I already booked an appointment. Ta Da! Now only 1 call A MONTH!

  66. Ion says:

    If they call you on your smart phone you have some alternatives Just save the number and add to block list ( they will clone another number ), disable your voice mess and let the phone to ring until they give up or set up your voice mess to play a message for that specific number to call back in one hour or something else so will keep them busy.

  67. Fed Up says:

    It’s not that hard to fix but as is typical of the government, they are just impotent at helping those that pay their salaries. Here’s how I see it:
    1) Spoofing of phone numbers must break some kind of telecommunications law and if not, then make it a law.
    2) The police set up a sting operation. When the duct cleaners show up, they are charged with harassment and/or breaking whatever law by spoofing, issued fines for contravening the DNCL, conspiracy to commit a crime by colluding with these offshore call centres that knowingly and willingly flaunt our laws, and I’m sure they can come up with a few other charges as well.

    That’s it! Why is this so complicated and time-consuming? Gotta love how they take so long to come up with a DNCL and then lack the teeth to defend it.

    I remember reading somewhere that the government claimed that they received approx. 20,000 complaints in 2013? / 2014? I guess they can say it’s not a big problem to those numbers. I receive almost a daily call and when I ask around there isn’t anybody I know who hasn’t received a duct cleaning call. Let’s be extremely conservative and say that 10,000 households receive 1 call per week. That’s over a half million possible complaints a year!

    The least we can all do is make sure we report them. I do whenever I happen to speak to them so here’s the link to do your part.


  68. Bev says:

    -annoying calls to say the least..if you ask to speak to their supervisor, they say they are “busy”.or “you can talk to me” or… they pretend to transfer your call and the next thing you hear is a dial tone.. I have even said..”I am sorry, i don’t have any ducts to clean, but I have some geese and chickens…would you clean those?”–they don’t have a sense of humour, i have discovered.

  69. Hook, Line and Sinker. says:

    This is what I did.

    To get past their spoofed number, make them think you’re interested and tell them you and your neighbour’s were talking about it. Tell them you have 2-4neighbours interested in duct cleaning. They will probably ask the size of your house, tell them it’s an average size house 45000sq ft. They start to drool. Tell them your neighbour’s have similar size homes.

    Here’s where they swallow the hook line and sinker. Ask them for their number so you can pass it along to your neighbours and ask them for their name so they can get the commission from your neighbours too. They give you the real number and name (doesn’t matter if telemarketer gives fake name). Once they give you that, ask them to repeat the company name again. Keep note of all the info they give you, same way they keep notes about your number.

    Here’s the great part now. Most of them are not subscribed to the DNCL. To operate as a telemarketer or a telemarketing service for companies, they HAVE TO BE REGISTERED.

    Now I begin my dismantling of their operation, I ask to speak to supervisor.
    I let them know how I’m on the DNCL and ask if they are registered, their not or else they wouldn’t have called me 3x that day. Let them know you’re reporting them and the conversation is recorded ( not…lol).

    If their notregistered on the DNCL, they get fined and the company their providing their service for gets fined heavily as well.

    I also inform them that the telemarketer I was just speaking to gave me all the pertinent information regarding the company like their unspoofed “real number”. I then ask them to give me the supervisors name and number and if they give false information, that is considered fraud under the DNCL guidelines and will be another criminal offense against the telemarketers and the company they work for.

    If they hang up or don’t answer keep calling, I called them 67x before they spoke to me.
    They will eventually answer bc when you call while their on another line, there’s a communication pause and it’s annoying to them.

    If they lie and say wrong number, again that’s fraud.
    If they lie about the business name, it’s fraud.
    If they lie about anything, inform the Anti-fraud center that they were trying to hinder you from making a formal complaint about them.

    They usually hang up on me, I then call the number back, they lie and say no such business there,
    Repeat the fact that they are not registered with DNCL and will go as far as reporting them to the The Star Newspaper also since a reporter did an article about air duct cleaning telemarketers getting fined (Ellen Roseman).

    But stress to them again that it’s illegal to make telemarketing calls without being registered with the DNCL and to prove that they are, if not they will be fined.

    They suddenly change their tune, very apologetic and they assure you your number is removed.
    Financially better for them at this point to remove the number instead of getting fined. Don’t stop their bc all they will do is sell your info to another company.

    They know they are operating illegally and they get scared.!!

    Make a formal complaint to the DNCL, they are trying to stop these air duct cleaning businesses bc they know it’s a problem.

    The only way to stop these ppl is to make a complaint so that they get fined and will think twice about calling and harassing anyone they want. But most of all, make it financially difficult for them to operate illegally by not following the CRTC rules and guidelines.

    My logic is, the air duct cleaning company will think twice about who they get to do their telemarketing for them bc they will get fined if their not registered or operating legally and will also force them to verify that whoever is doing the service for them is registered. It’s not cheap to be registered on the DNCL as a Telemarketing service or the company that wants to advertise thru telemarketers.

    It takes 2hrs out of my time but I don’t get many telemarketers calling anymore.

    Word of adivice, any info you give them is put in notes under your phone number, everything from best time to call and if there’s no answer and any names given, try to keep your personal info to yourself. So don’t try to keep them on the phone as long as u can.

    Tell them your interested but ask if the can give you a minute to put your dog outside.
    Put the phone down and continue doing whatever it is your doing for 5min. That way you give no info and they get upset

    Also, if possible, record the conversation and let them know it’s recorded after the fact. You can’t use it in court but it’s still damning when you report them to the DNCL.

    • My only question is if you can do this to find out who they are, why can’t the CRTC? Why do we have to be the vigilantes when we pay plenty of taxes for the government to make and enforce laws to protect our homes from constant intrusion?

      • Hook Line and Sinker says:

        They dont call the CRTC soliciting Duct cleaning service and there are MANY duct cleaning companies, some companies dont even realize how their company is being represented.

        Much the same way the police dont know when a crime is being committed, same goes for the CRTC. They dont know who is playing fairly and who are playing dirty.

        And we dont hàve to be vigilantes, just vigilant.

        Either way, ignorance is not an excuse for these duct cleaning companies hiring these telemarketing companies.

  70. Ed says:

    Ontario Air Duct (company is not registered in Ontario or Federally) Phone # 416-568-9457 (Toll Free: 1-888-525-4915). Light them up!

    • Jodi says:

      My husband hired them (from a call) and they came by today. “Alex”, who refused to provide his last name, of course found a problem with our system and wanted to charge us an extra $200 (to start with) to fix the issue. I ended that topic quickly. They essentially hosed down the openings to the ducts and that’s about it. They were here 20 minutes. After they left, I found that instead of removing the grills, they shoved the nozzle through them thus bending several of the fins so they are no longer straight. Fantastic.

      • B. deVries says:

        The duct cleaning telemarketers love it when you get angry, and call you all the more. I was getting three calls a day, and obviously a change in tactics was needed. So, next call….

        I’m so glad you called. Could you call more often? I’m so lonely. Do you like sex?

        The response….”Click.”

        VERY few calls since then.

  71. Jess says:

    Hey Ashley,
    I was very interested in your story, I even had a few good lol’s. I too have played the game with them as my family sat at the table listening to me as they giggled. I answered every question the guy asked me gave him my address but he asked if I would be paying cash or credit I told him cash. I even got him to make an appointment with me to come by a week from the day he called. I marked that day in my phone and they never showed up. I work from home doing gel nails, my plan for when they showed up was to pitch him my nail services and to top that off I would have the kiddie Pool set up out back filled with water and rubber ducks..lol… I will be playing with them again. My total time with them on the phone was 20mins

    • Dan Sander says:

      So here’s my favourite game : I tell them I am so glad they called as I am certain that sone birds have made a nest somewhere in my duct system. I tell them I hear the noise and thrashing about… However I think some may have died in there because there is now a terrrrrible smell coming from my ducts…. They seem very hesitant and ask me some questions… I say that I need assurance if they come that they will get all the birds, dead or alive, out….. Then check with their “manager”… And then I inform me that they cannot do that job for me, so goodnight…
      Change up the animal to squirrels, bees, etc. They have not ( yet ) caught on to this one and remain engaged until they politely terminate the call…

  72. boop says:

    These are the people responsible:

    Ziad Rawdah dba Kareem Duct Cleaning
    5 Belton Court
    Whitby, Ontario
    L1N 5P2

    Afzal Hamid Raza dba HR Home Services
    2012-71 Thorncliffe Park Drive
    Toronto, Ontario
    M4H 1L3

    Zahid Mehmood dba Bridge Home Services
    6 Emily Anna Street
    Woodbridge, Ontario
    L4H 2S5

    Syed Ahmer Ali dba Cambridge Heating Services
    695 Markham Road, Suite 32
    Toronto, Ontario
    M1H 2A5

    Naveed Raza dba Top Line Air Duct Cleaning Inc.
    24 Pelmar Pl.
    Scarborough, Ontario
    M1G 1G5

    Ali Tariq dba Toronto Breeze Air Duct Cleaning Services
    3 Grogan Street
    Ajax, Ontario
    L1Z 0P6

    Younas Nadeem dba N Bro Transport Inc. and Goodlife Home Services
    1838 Bridlington Crescent
    Mississauga, Ontario
    L5N 7L1

  73. M J says:

    Just called the DNCL – they describe themselves as a “Centre of Excellence.” Made me laugh.

  74. Tim Stimpson says:

    simply do one thing. ask them to come and clean your ducts when they come at your place just tell them you guys keep calling me every single day please dont call me again.. that works for me!!1 since 2k13 i didnt received any calls from them 😀

  75. PK says:

    you call this one back 905 574 0569 the number doesn’t work…maybe we should use face book to inform every one to ignore the number or prepare with noise

    • Jan deBoer says:

      Today, “air Duct Cleaning” called again.

      Me: Hello, I’, so glad you called, I’m so lonely!

      CLICK! They hung up! LOL


  76. juniesgma says:

    They call here regularly. Sometimes I just hang up, other times I pretend I’m interested and the odd time I will act like I have no idea what ducts are. The mortgage guy called once and I had him convinced that I believed he was going to buy me a house ha ha.

    This week they have been calling every day. This is no doubt in response to my pleading for them not to call because I have been really sick all week. (Clearly I wasn’t thinking during that call.) Needless to say, the same young man called again a few minutes ago. I didn’t answer the first 3 calls in a 10 minute span but I did answer the last one… I said hello… he just laughed and hung up. When I feel better, I’m upping my game.

    • B. deVries says:

      This works for me –
      “I’m so glad you called, I’m so lonely – could you call more often? Are you horny?’
      CLICK. LOL – they hung up!

      • EHN says:

        I just tried playing the lonely card. I asked if I could talk to him about my feelings for a couple hours. He said not while he was on duty.

        And then he phoned back a few hours later! UGH!! I had put on a different voice earlier, so I pretended not to know what he was talking about.

  77. Orlando Sinclair says:

    I have made the appointment
    A supervisor called me later to confirm the appointment
    At that time I told him I was on my way out and if I could have his number so that I could call him back
    It was a disconnected number

    I called Bell to see if they had a bloking feature that would stop this – they do not

    The real solution appears to be giving up the land line.

    Best of luck with these characters

  78. Joanne Hoar says:

    I agreed to the cleaning service. I just moved to a new house full of cat hair and my son has allegery induced asthma. I haven’t had a home phone in years plus lived in Alberta and haven’t experienced the harassing calls. I said yes to the first such call and seriously thought “wow, that’s convenient”. Mistake, I feel violated. The quote was for $110. I ended up paying $2670. Yes I did actually enter my PIN and agree so credit card won’t help. The company that showed up wasn’t the same one I had booked (I guess there’s some sort of subcontracting going on too?) which made it really hard to trace back. The call back number I was given either just rang off the hook or said mailbox full. I managed to call eBay Indoor Air and talk to the manager and the actual technician as well. He went over the invoice over the phone (did not leave one with me and I should’ve asked) He was horribly misleading during the service call. So it was $1650 for the air purifier I bought (happy with machine and it costs $1000 online so that’s not so bad) and $800 for the furnace cleaning which I naively thought was the $110 but that was just the vents). Oddly though I see the name on the list above for the Topline company that the telemarketer claimed to be for plus the name Naveed Raza shows up on call display for EBay indoor Air! I just found this article as well http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2015/vt150324c.htm

    I’m really angry that I was taken advantage of and ashamed that I fell for this. I hardly want to admit it but I don’t want anyone else to get ripped off.

  79. Marc R says:

    I kept them on the phone for close to five minutes. I said that here, in Canada, we don’t have as many ducts but we sure have a lot of geese. I asked if they would clean my geese and he was puzzled. He transferred me to the “supervisor”. Had to repeat the same thing to him, then a second time slowly. He must’ve felt frustrated because he just suddenly said that he couldn’t help me any longer and just hung up.
    Can’t wait until they call again and I’m bored… Hope someone makes a Trump soundboard by then too! I’ll set those bad ombré straight😝

    • Faye Daniels says:

      I have tried all of the tricks on this site (after getting tired of being polite). I now tell them my ;ductd; have gone south for the winter.

  80. CS says:

    I got one of these calls earlier this evening and it showed up as my brother’s name and number from my contacts. When it definitely wasn’t my brother’s voice, I thought maybe he had one of his friends talking to me on his phone, but then the guy said he was from an air duct cleaning company in Richmond, VA and wanted to give me a promotional offer. He had my name and I’m not sure if he knew he was spoofing my brother’s number or if he randomly spoofed a contact from my contact list.

  81. Mike says:

    I get these calls all the time. One day I was ready to play. I told him that the ducts in my house were cleaned not to long ago, but I needed the ducts cleaned at my office building. I gave him the name of a very prominent federal politician at the time in Canada, spelled wrong. I gave him the address of a federal building in Toronto which houses certain federal agencies, with a fake postal code. He was extremely happy to have made a sale. No credit card was asked for. About half hour later he called back saying that the Postal code didn’t match the address. While on the line, I quickly looked it up on my cell phone. Once again he was pleased. Then again about half hour to an hour later, he called back to call me a “Fu**ing A**hole!” I figure that I wasted about 2 hours of his time and maybe some time of his fellow team mates. I figured that if the duct cleaning company shows up at that building saying that this certain person ordered that service, these kind of calls would finally be dealt with. I was wrong, but I had a good time.

  82. Chris says:

    Well here is my story and it is a beauty
    I played them all the way to booking an appointment for a Saturday morning.
    When the day came sure enough an unmarked stake truck showed up and the occupants asked me to move my car from the driveway so that they could do the duct cleaning.
    I asked the driver why the company name wasn’t on the truck and he claimed that their truck had broke down and this was a loaner. Fair enough I thought. (Really what a load of crap).
    So I then asked for his business card. Can you believe he had run out and didn’t have one with him?
    I was very nice through the whole process and in the end I told him that he cannot verify who he is then he isn’t going to gain access to my house.
    They left.
    Now this left me with two thoughts.
    First off if the law enforcement that we pay for to protect us from this shit wanted to shut these people down they could do it in a snap as they like me could set up a sting.
    Second thing is if more of us Canadians took a stand for a change and did what I did they would be done in less than a week.
    Come on people lets make a stand and fight back!
    Book you service appointment on the next call you get.
    You don’t even need to be home. Lets give them the run around!!!

  83. Hussain says:

    Ok let me be very precise and product I’ve about these telemarketing industry,
    These industries are not on peak in India/Pakistan, Why because in these two countries VOIP -Voice over IP is very cheap.
    Another reason – No as such Pvt LTD or company regulation fee, administration fees, cheap labour’s , in conversion to foreign exchange, how it works,

    A person living in the targeted country becomes The lead(call list) with name / numbers, they provide the same to the person operating call center in above mentioned countries, this person contracts duct cleaning companies , remember duct cleaning is not the company name it’s a service ,, so they contract actual companies and offer their services for example they says what If we can provide you 100jobs of duct cleaning ,, so off course the company is getting business and they get ready to pay $100 per sale ,, so this was a financial game now the person in Pakistan operates a call center with a 50-70 agents sometimes even lesser then it , each paying on incentives on sales and a peanut fixed salary in pkr /Indian rupees , now these agents are provided with Alias i.e a fake name for example MIKE / ROBERT / EVEN FEMALE NAMES for female agents ,,, anyways
    These agents are responsible CV for generating sales for cold calling for repeating a pitch and attain to attract callers and convince the person on phone to book appointments for duct cleaning and guess what, if the sales are closed they are offered peanuts in term of monetary benefits , another thing which is to being on forum is these agents are usually from poor backgrounds / who work for there selves for their basic needs,

    The actual terrorism is of these call center owners which are operating and being oppressive to the residents of Canada / US

    They don’t care of people feelings , they don’t care of people interest etc .

    Even their local government doesn’t take any action .

    The only thing which is I think a solution is to have Voice mail on active note.

    • Hussain says:

      I can figure out several mistakes iny last post is because of auto correct feature in phone I hope readers can understand .


    • I understand and feel sympathy for the people in the call centre who have to work at a miserable job because they are desperately poor. But that doesn’t make their harassment of me right. I’m still being deprived of my peace of mind in my own home. This is a predatory industry that should be stopped.

  84. Sharon says:

    I just got a call from East Indian also representing some duct cleaning company. He spoke one sentence introducing himself and the company name all while yawning!!!! I asked him are u actually calling from a real company? He said “oh sorry”, and hung up! 20 seconds! I’m so sick of them calling so I just googled to see if anyone else was having same issue and came across your blog!! How frustrating!!

  85. Rambo says:

    All you guys need to ask them is “what does India ki maa ka bhosda mean” i’m sure they won’t call back ever again after that.

  86. waldo says:

    5-8 calls /day from a multitude of numbers. I have now resorted to blowing a compressed air horn into the speaker and leaving the phone open so he has to hang up.
    I think next time I will just speak french… and quickly 🙂

  87. waldo says:

    Also.. I would like to think that my service provider should be accountable for not being able to police their own networks.
    Come on Bell, Rogers and others.. we all know you can do so much more to stop this problem.

  88. waldo says:

    Wow lads and Ladies,

    I think everyone should invest in an air horn!! NO CALLS FOR 8 DAYS ..Who would think blowing a hole in someone’s ear drum would stop them from calling back..
    Sucks when you wear a headset,,, tee hee

  89. Arti says:

    Another way to help get rid of this problem is to get the info of the company that is providing the cleaning service and sue them in small claim court for harassment.
    Next time they call, try to get the legal name of the company providing the air duct cleaning and their business address and keep records of every time they call.
    I just got called today and the guy threatened me to sue me for breach of contract. Can you believe that? He claimed that I had made an appointment with them and when I denied it he became aggressive. I told him “good luck in your claim but don’t call here again”. Can you guess his reply?

    • asher silverstein says:

      Sorry I didnt see your post … I wondered how long it would take since this has been going for over 2 years 🙂

  90. asher silverstein says:

    You guys are probably bored, but I am as frustrated as you. While the call originates in India, the service (duck cleaning lol) is local. In effect the company making use of the call centre is breaking do-not-call-list rules and should be charged with whatever crime its called. (Harassment?). Next time book an appointment and find out who turns up. Get their details and report them to the privacy commissioner.

  91. J says:

    $15,000 and $10,000 judgements which seem paltry in comparison to the anguish unloaded on the Canadian public.


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