Where do Pornographic Stories Come From?

Sooner or later, every author, even an author of pornography on the web, is asked, “Where do your stories come from?” The person asking that question of a pornography author often seems to be hoping that the answer will be, “Personal experience. I’ve done everything that I write about and I’d like to do it all again with you.”

Though I dislike disappointing my readers, I’ve always admitted that I’ve never done any of the wild things that I write about and never will. I’m content to let my masochistic fantasies remain as fantasies.

The question, though – Where do I get my ideas from? – deserves an answer nevertheless.

My stories grow from seeds. A story consists of a plot – a sequence of actions. It needs characters to perform those actions. The characters perform in some situation and the actions should lead to an interesting conclusion. The action, especially in sado-masochistic fiction, may require an unusual physical device. And it should give the reader some information. It may even make an argument.

Any one of these – plot, characters, situation, conclusion, device, or argument – can come first and be the seed for the story. My story, “Riding the Devil’s Horse” began when I found a description of the Spanish Horse torture device on the web. “INR” began when I thought about what would happen if a woman wanted to experience rape without unnecessary risk. “A Necessary Beating” began when I read about boxing gloves being invented to make fighting safer.

The seed is the smallest and easiest part of the writing process. I keep lists of interesting seeds for stories that I’ll never get around to writing. “Woman who is in the process of committing suicide is rescued by a sadist.” (a situation) “A woman’s evening gown can have the sleeves sown to the seam at the hips so that it looks normal but prohibits her from raising her arms.” (a device) “Making people afraid is dangerous.” (a principle)

After the seed is chosen, the real work starts. The remaining elements must be created because the seed won’t be a story until it has at least plot, situation, characters, and conclusion. And probably won’t be worth reading unless it also has a moral, principle, or argument.

Adding these other elements to the seed is a problem-solving processes. An author must be a person who likes solving puzzles.

Even choosing a character to tell the story and picking a point of view is a problem that I consider for a while before the writing begins.

I solve most of the other problems as I’m writing, particularly creating difficult situations for the characters and finding interesting ways for them to get out of them. I never have a complete story in my head before I begin. Instead, I let the story unfold as I write. My main guiding principle as I’m writing is to avoid the obvious and try to constantly surprise the reader by having something unexpected happen to the characters or have the characters do something unexpected.

So, the simple answer to the question, “Where do your ideas come from?” is that they can come from almost anything. But they’ll only be worth reading if a lot more work is added to that idea.


About Ashley Zacharias

I'm a post-modern woman who lives a vanilla life and dreams about kinky adventure. I write BDSM pornography but have no interest in acting out my fantasies in real life. Find my work on SmashWords.com and Amazon.com
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11 Responses to Where do Pornographic Stories Come From?

  1. babyartikel says:

    yeah,I just thought you might want to know that your blog is messed up when you view it on my iphone. I?m not sure if it has something to do with my phone?s browser or your website? just saying…

    • Not having an iPhone, I can’t check this out. As my blogs are pure text, not even any graphics, I’m puzzled about what might be going wrong. If anyone else has a similar problem, I’d like to know exactly what the symptoms are.

  2. I can attest to your experience about people thinking you did every bit of what is in your stories, or that you want to. I get a lot of that too and sometimes it is pretty annoying.

    As a guy, another one I get is “Do you have an Asian fetish?” because the main character in both commercial series I published before posting on BDSMlibrary.com have a genetically Asian main character.

    I think the people doing this are telling us more about them than revealing anything they noticed about the writer, or even want to know about the writer. Other than a possible night of fun for their fantasies, of course.

    I will admit, some of the milder bondage I have done but hardly any of that gets into my stories. In one particularly odd encounter I had with a reader, he bought one of my books on Kindle. Oddly, he bought the one that is available free in several places too, even on BDSMlibrary.com. A few weeks later I asked how he liked it and he said he didn’t read it because he felt odd knowing me in a bar and reading about my “personal life.” After a detailed explanation of what fiction is, he then said he did not feel good about reading about my “dream girl” or my “deepest fantasies.”

    By that point I was getting a little frustrated, because the character was developed with a friend, using a similar approach that you use for developing situations/stories. The character’s last characteristic added was race, due to what is most popular in Google images based on her hair and eye color. The woman who helped me develop the character would have preferred any race *other* than Asian, because she has Asian features. But I had a good name for the character that she liked and we went with it.

    Probably for women there is some crazy race fantasy that people want to think you have just because you have a character with that characteristic.

  3. No. I don’t date. I’ve been happily married for a long time.

    You are way ahead. I have had enough weird experiences to keep my fiction writing to myself as far as dates are concerned.

  4. Curtis says:

    “And probably won’t be worth reading unless it also has a moral, principle, or argument.”

    I believe that this was the guiding principle behind ‘new wave’ science fiction in the 60s and 70s. I prefer the ‘hard’ sf stories that are built around exploration of scientific principles/consequences of technology, or the old time shoot ’em ups. The places where “Starship Troopers” bogs down is where it gets into Heinlein’s political philosophy — where it soars are the fight scenes.

    I prefer stories that don’t make me work too hard. I enjoy your stories despite your efforts to philosophize, not because of them. Never underestimate your audience’s mental laziness.

    • I laugh every time I think of “Starship Troopers” so-called system of government where only military veterans are allowed to vote. A real conservative should want everyone who pays taxes to vote: “No taxation without representation!”

      I have wondered if we should have our votes weighted by the absolute amount of taxes that we pay. Poor people’s votes wouldn’t count for much, but neither would rich people’s who shelter all their money. If someone wants their vote to be weighted more heavily, they could voluntarily pay more taxes. Imagine – wealthy people would be lobbying for the Bush tax cuts to be ended rather than extended 🙂

      • John Tagliafero says:

        My personal like, anybody of the age of majority, other than those incarcerated, gets to vote. Even former felons. Apportionment, that is a different want. House seats should be apportioned by those who voted. If nobody in North Dakota votes in 2012, then no housemember until someone votes. But all that is just me, everybody else, ymmv.

      • Curtis Cook says:

        That would be a good basis for a story, though likely not a porn story. {reply to Ashley}

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